“As a consultant Rob has had the advantage of seeing what does and doesn’t work well across all different types of operations. Through these experiences Rob has been able to develop industry best practices and tailor them to his client’s specific locations. These best practices have become an integral part of how we operate. The results have been amazing and I can’t imagine operating any other way now. Rob made our business extremely more efficient, much easier to manage (I’m leaving for a week of vacation as a I write this) and much more profitable. Unlike equipment or many other things I have invested in, Rob’s ROI was almost immediate and keeps on giving. I’ve been lucky to make several good decisions that have helped make our business successful, but hiring Rob is at the absolute top of that list.”

Christopher Mathews

I'm an Apple addict, design snob, private school dropout telecommuting in pajamas. Big dreams yield many failures so up & at 'em, kids.